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Mika and Munchkin girl and dog sleeping

meet munchkin the west highland white terrier

Munchkin dog paw print

Munchkin lives in Oz (naturally).

when puppy munchkin was welcomed to her inner city apartment, Each day she marched -with purpose- up the street to the office where she sat in the window ignoring all attempts for her attention.  typical westietude!

in the wee hours of the morning, she sneaks up onto the big bed pillow and uses mika's face as a headrest.

munchkin has many unusual traits, for a dog: climbing high on all the furniture and playing with multiple toys at once. she is a world champion splooter and prefers to sleep on her back legs akimbo.

each morning munchkin loves to complete her yoga stretching routine on the yoga mat.


however, inner city life was not for munchkin. she longed for the off-leash wild abandon 'run like they forgot to lock the gate' type of freedom, so she packed her bags for adventure. 

a series of stories, the munchkin tales, is currently in production.   

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