Mika and Munchkin girl and dog sleeping

meet munchkin the west highland white terrier

Munchkin dog paw print

Munchkin was born in 2017 and lives in Oz (naturally).

when puppy munchkin was welcomed to her inner city apartment, Each day she marched -with purpose- up the street to the office where she sat in the window ignoring all attempts for her attention.  typical westietude!

during the night she finds her way onto the big bed pillow and sleeps on mika's head.  

munchkin also loves to sploot and sleep on her back, legs akimbo.  

munchkin has many unusual traits, for a dog. she prefers to sit like a toddler on mika's lap in the car (only when she is riding shotgun, of course), and pretends to be a cat; climbing high on furniture, playing with multiple toys at once, fixated on birds, and eating sardines for dinner. each morning she completes her 'barre body' stretching routine.


munchkin's job takes her on many road trips; From beaches to long country drives. 

munchkin now spends her time between her beachside resort and her country cottage farm.

a series of stories, the munchkin tales, is currently in production.   

munchkin also makes special guest appearances on tiktok. 

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