The Friendship Test

If you want to have a friend

Who will be with you until the end

They must show you that they care

Be supportive, unselfish, and share

Inconvenience themselves for you

Actions prove their words are true

It's the same the other way;

Each has their part to play

One cannot give forever

Friends are in this together

The scales of give and take

Should never force one to break

Your boundaries they should respect

If they don't then you should suspect

They are toxic with bad intentions

Feeding on all your attention

Taking as much as you can give

Until you have no more left to live

There is a trick that you must learn

If you ever feel concern,

When the voice inside your head

Is confused you can instead

Listen to your gut

It feels and nothing but

Your heart believes the lies

Your mind in knots it can be tied

But your gut will always know

Who can stay and who must go