Live With Purpose

There is no purpose to Envy, Jealousy, Worry or Regret.

Be comfortable with oneself and these be of no concern.

Be happy for another's success and learn from them.

If a friend is Happy, the friendship flourishes.

Use another's triumph as Motivation to achieve one's own Goals.

Those who succumb to Jealousy must have little Ambition and lack self-worth.

If an action cannot alter a situation, it must be endured. 

This does not mean one should suffer, as there are many actions one can take to best handle a difficult situation.

Doing nothing but Worry will never change a situation and holds little purpose.

Worry is not an action and is therefore not a solution. It is always best to focus instead on finding a solution or let it go and move on. 

Learn from the past but don't live in it. 

Each step towards a Goal, no matter how small, is still a new Experience and a movement Forward. 

Dreams and Goals give us purpose but always remember to live in each moment as much as possible.

It is in these moments where Memories are made and where we Learn and Grow.